luni, 29 iunie 2009

Rejectarea tratatului de la Lisabona

Make Your Voice Heard:
Reject the Lisbon Treaty!

The aim of the Lisbon Treaty is to deliver Europe once and for all into the hands of corporate interests. This “Treaty” will elevate the so-called EU Commission to the status of a de facto European Government - without ever having been democratically elected and with no fear of ever being voted out of office. And, unlike in a democracy, the EU Parliament has no powers to control this form of “government of commissioners”.

The Lisbon Treaty is indeed an Enabling Act which opens the floodgates for a dictatorship of economic interests in Europe for generations to come. When one casts a critical eye over these unprecedented events it becomes clear why the vast majority of European people have not even been given the opportunity to vote on this Lisbon Treaty, and why the only country where it was put to the vote, Ireland, saw a clear rejection of the Treaty.

If the Lisbon Treaty comes into force, the European Government will be ‘appointed’ for generations to come by global economic interests. And neither you, nor your children or grandchildren, nor their children or grandchildren will be able to do anything about it. Our only chance to act before it is too late is now!

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How to install our software program

This website gives you the opportunity to participate in an online referendum against the Lisbon Treaty. Our software program will enable you to email your clear No! to this undemocratic treaty to the political decision-makers of Europe.

With the help of this small program you can simply email your protest to Members of Parliaments in various European countries. In a situation where the right to vote on the future foundations of all Europe is being denied you, this may be the only effective democratic way in which we, the people affected, can make ourselves heard.

Our software program has stored the email addresses of the MPs of various European parliaments. By downloading this small program you can send your protest directly from your own computer. And that is an important point, because political decision-makers will pay little attention if they receive a mass protest emailed from a single central computer. However, it will have an entirely different effect if our political representatives receive the email protest direct from your computer, and from the computers of many more of their own voters. That makes it true democracy in action!

Getting started is simple. Just download the software program by clicking the button below.

Due to the number of emails to be sent and the time it takes to complete the sending process, we suggest that you run the program during the night while you sleep.

Of course, participating in this Online Referendum does demand a certain amount of effort from you, and downloading this program requires a degree of trust in us.

But don’t forget: this could be your last opportunity to prevent an impending economic dictatorship of Europe.

And one thing is certain: one day your children and grandchildren are bound to ask: what did you do?

So why not invite your children or grandchildren to help you with this online referendum over the future of Europe. After all, it is their future more than anyone’s!

Download E-Mail Tool Now!
How to install our software program

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